CANALCRAFT is a Heritage Lottery Funded project exploring and celebrating the heritage of the Forth and Clyde Canal as a waterway and how local communities relate to it.

Lottery Funded

Led by the Forth and Clyde Canal Society, the project will explore the story of water craft that used and still use the canal and will engage local communities with this heritage and give them an opportunity to record and express their own understanding, stories and knowledge of the canal.

We will focus on how the community feels about the canal as a leisure resource and untapped knowledge in the local area.

The project will be based around the canal in Kirkintilloch, Lambhill and Maryhill, with opportunities for local people to participate in activities such as mobile video journalism, boat handling and maintenance and boat building.

Under the direction of a journalist, participants will be guided to gather material for a short film about the canal and they will learn to show and tell their experiences and learn how to write, shoot and spread a good story, about social media, and how to make a story to stand out and win followers.

Participants will have an opportunity to try their hand at steering a Forth and Clyde Canal Society boat and the basic points of maintaining a canal craft and its engine.

They can also take part in building a wooden dinghy and oars and to learn some of the basics of boat design and construction.

CANALCRAFT will produce two short films with the theme Our Canal. One film will be produced by the participants and the other will include oral history exploring the 38 year-old history of the Forth and Clyde Canal Society to keep the canal open and busy with boats.

We will celebrate the end of CANALCRAFT with two celebratory events where participants will showcase their work, boats and films. There will be food share gatherings, music, games and awards will be given during the celebratory events to participants for their work and contribution.

For information on the project and how to join in the activities please contact the CANALCRAFT team on: or click here to join us on Facebook